Why Choose Bankruptcy?

Bankruptcy may be right for you if you answer yes to most of these questions:

Do you

  • Pay only the minimum payments on your credit cards?
  • Cut back on food or medicine?
  • Robbed your minor children’s piggy banks or bank accounts?
  • Cashed in a 401k or other retirement account?
  • Borrowed from friends or relatives?
  • Often skip credit card payments?
  • Use credit cars or cash advances to pay for necessities — groceries, gas, presriptions, etc.?
  • Tried to get a debt consolidation loan, or second mortgage?
  • Decide which bills get paid, and which wait for next month?
  • Worry about losing telephone or utility services for non-payment?
  • Taken out payday loans or pawned items?
  • Lose sleep because you’re thinking about bills and money?
  • Written bad checks?
  • Take cash advances from one card to pay another card or bill?
  • Taken a second or third job?
  • Argue about money?

Have you done any of these things to pay debt? Don’t be embarrassed — we know that most people want to pay their debts, and will go to extraordinary lengths to do so!

But why prolong your misery?

Filing bankruptcy is not shameful and it is not the deadbeat’s way out. Bankruptcy is relief from the misery and harassment caused by debt.
Yes, you got yourself into it — but your greedy creditors helped. And, how many times have you repaid what you originally borrowed? Don’t waste another day. Don’t put off the decision that will bring you relief and a fresh start.
Make today the first day of your debt-free life!