A law firm dedicated to helping people dealing with debt, debt collectors, and the threats of garnishment, repossession and foreclosure.

  • Bankruptcy is all that we do. We believe that bankruptcy law is so complex that clients are best served by attorneys who stick to just practicing in that one area.
  • Recent changes in bankruptcy law have made it difficult for attorneys who just handle an occasional bankruptcy cases to know everything they need to know in order to serve their clients well.
  • We keep current on bankruptcy law by maintaining memberships in organizations for attorneys who practice bankruptcy and debt law; by subscribing to  journals, websites, and blogs prepared specifically for bankruptcy attorneys; and by attending numerous seminars each year that help us keep up on changes in bankruptcy law.

creditor_sidebarWho are our clients?

“Our clients are good people who are in bankruptcy because of a run of bad luck: layoffs, illness, injury or divorce. They are folks from all walks of life … everyone of them having at least one thing in common: the desire for a fresh start and a better, debt-free, life.”–Dianna Coy Long, Founder

What do our clients say about us?

“I wanted to thank you all for all of your hard work on my case. The hearing yesterday went so smoothly & it was quite obvious that I had hired the best attorney to represent me.”–J.B.

“I was very nervous and anxious about bankruptcy, until our visit.  Thank you for helping me through the process!”–M.N.B.

Thank you! You and your staff are the best!”–L.J.

“Always quick in response to questions, knowledgeable about all aspects of bankruptcy law. Welcoming reception in person and on the phone.”–E.D.


Our Focus Areas

Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

Chapter 13 Bankruptcy