Why Choose Us?

Free initial consultation! Your situation analyzed by an experienced bankruptcy lawyer.

Flat fee based on your situation!

  • You don’t pay for legal services that you don’t need.
  • You never receive a bill for letters or telephone calls.
  • You don’t come out of bankruptcy owing a new bill for legal services.

Payment plans that are flexible and keep your budget in mind!

Unlimited phone calls and contacts! You never pay for phone calls, e-mails, letters or faxes to or from our office.

Support staff dedicated to customer service!

  • Always ready, willing and able to answer your questions.
  • Always available to help you get your paperwork in order and done right.

We are available to represent you if a creditor sues you before your case is filed! If you hire us to represent you in a debt collection lawsuit, we keep you OUT of court – you don’t miss work or appear before the judge.

Free support after bankruptcy! We’re here to help you with most issues that come up regarding your case – no matter how long ago we handled your case.