7 Amazing Lies Creditors Told My Clients

Some creditors will do anything to collect money, including outright lie and engage in illegal tricks. These seven situations really happened to my clients. Don’t fall for them if they happen to you!

  • A collector went to our client’s house at midnight, dressed as a policeman, showed a fake badge and tried to get money.
  • A collector called a client’s mother and said her son would be arrested unless she did a “check by phone” for the full amount of the son’s debt.
  • A creditor told a client whose bankruptcy case had been filed that the court had no record of the case, and the creditor was going to come to the client’s house and take her furniture to satisfy the debt.
  • A creditor told a client that the creditor had called our office, and that we said it was OK for the creditor to call the client as much as the creditor wanted.
  • A payday loan creditor told our client that she had signed a paper swearing she would not put the payday loan in the client’s bankruptcy.
  • A collector told our client that Congress had done away with bankruptcy altogether.
  • A collector suggested that a client pay the debt by working as a prostitute.

Creditors and collectors have told clients that:

      • they will never get credit again after bankruptcy
      • they will lose public benefits
      • they will be fired
      • the bankruptcy will go on their child’s credit records
      • everyone will know that the client is a “deadbeat”
      • that not paying the debt is the same as stealing

These people will do anything to get money from you, but don’t believe the liars and crooks. Talk to your attorney before paying any more money to a creditor that tries tricks like this!